Stay Strong!
30 day self-harm challenge: day 26, 27,28,29

Day 26: my family, friends, writing, and listening to music makes me most happy

day 27: almost a month clean, before that it was 4 months

day 28: my short term goal is to graduate and stop cutting

day 29: i follow a few self-harm blogs

30 day self-harm challenge: day 25

no i don’t really know any statstics

30 day self-harm challenge: day 24

i don’t really know my main triggers. it’s like anything can trigger me, most things are stored and something with hit a memory but i don’t regester the trigger

30 day self-ham challenge: day 23

most insperational quote is you are stronger than the blade

30 day self-harm challenge: day 22

i feel the most calm at school with certain teachers and at some of my family’s houses :)

30 day self-harm challenge: day 21

Yes i have tried to stop in the past but this time i have more ppl behind me to help me stop :)

30 day self-harm challenge: day 20

i don’t have any real vivid memory of it but the time i cut in the school bathroom during a dance sticks out in my mind

30 day self-harm challenge: day 19

5 reasons recovery is worth it: no more scars, no more lying, no more judging, less pain, no more paranoia.

30 day self-harm challenge: day 16,17,18

day 16: i would say to never make the first cut cause after the first cut ur hooked

day 17: i know a few ppl who self harm as well

day 18: well here you are recovered and not wanting to harm again. i’m proud of you and i know some other people are as well. we did it and we can continue to do it! i hope life is better than it was cause it use to suck! and remember STAY STRONG

30 day self harm challenge: day 15

I have visited some sites but not very often and to be honest I don’t really remember and in particular other than the kids help phone website.